Fall 2014 In the Pacific Northwest

On Saturday, Sept. 13 we moved to Hunter Bay on Lopez Island where we met up with 14 other boats most being chartered by yacht club friends from California Yacht Club to start a 2 wk cruise of the San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands of Canada, Victoria, and the city of Vancouver. What a whirlwind, 12 different destinations, moving everyday except for spending 2 nights in Vancouver. We probably docked more times in that 2 wks. than we had in the last 5 years! It was a great overview but very rushed for us as we like to generally spend a minimum of 3 days in any specific spot. We took a city tour of Vancouver which showed us some of the highlights and it is an architectually beautiful city. Most nights we got together for drinks and dinner, either pot luck or catered. The weather was cold but mostly sunny the first week, but turned rainy and foggy the second. A good time was had by all!

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

The Government Bulding, inner harbor of Victoria, BC

the famous Empress Hotel, inner harbor Victoria

travel day

totum poles in Stanley Park, Vancouver

a few of the many Canadian geese we have seen in Vancouver

Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver

one of many beautiful gardens in Vancouver

Vancouver skyline

Sept.28th. After the cruise, we spent 2 days in Deer Harbor on Orcas Is. visiting with another friend who lives here. We had the use of a car and visited the delightful town and more delightful grocery store in Eastsound. After the fog cleared we drove to Moran State Park, over 5000 acres of trails, lakes and campgrounds. It's summit is on Mount Constitution (2409 feet). From the summit we were able to see Mt. Baker and even further away, Mt. Rainier poking their way through the cloud bank. The view was breathtaking. Byron learned the proper way to shuck oysters so now we are on a quest for the best prices. We bought a dozen local Judd Cove oysters for $10 which is half the price of restaurant oysters. Byron likes them raw but I learned to slightly cook them on the BBQ and really like them that way.

Mt. Baker

other San Juan islands poking through the clouds


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