Southern California to the Pacific Northwest


We finally left San Diego on July 24th after many false starts. Our two month visit there was very enjoyable. The downtown GasLamp district was fun to walk around and the July 4th firework display was breathtaking. The gecko that came aboard in the La Cruz boat yard had grown to about 3 1/2 inches and was leaving recognizable poops so we caught and released him outside on the docks before we took off. The weather window was good from Southern California to San Francisco. The first leg to Cat Harbor, Catalina took about 12 hrs. We decided to make the stop there because the next leg would be 48hrs to San Francisco and we would not arrive in the dark baring any delays going around Pt. Conception. The seas and wind was down the whole trip. We had a reservation in Richmond Bay Marina on an end tie but what was available when we arrived was down wind a narrow inside channel if we headed to it bow first. Byron thought he could do that but the wind was 15-20kts and the wind caught our stern so we ended crosswise pinned against the boat and dock behind where we were supposed to go. With the help of other cruisers on the dock we finally got turned and tied down to our dock space amazingly with only a few scratches on the hull! This is a beautiful marina surrounded by a new townhouses but very windy in the afternoons. There is a new bike/walking path all around the marina and connecting to other parts of the bay. Now we wait until the next weather window opens up.


The weather window we had leaving San Francisco lasted only 2 days. On the morning of the 3rd day the wind and sea conditions were horrible as we were bashing our way through steep short waves, taking water over the bow and only making 5 kt of speed. The Oregon coast has numerous marinas but they are setup for smaller vessels and were not appealing as we would have to cross their entrance bars and weren't sure the entrance would be open when we got there. Thankfully there was a small cove at Port Orford with high cliffs that offered good protection and we ended staying 6 days there until the weather changed.

Calif. grey whale in the cove

When the NW winds quit we left in fog and played dodge the fishing boats in the fog for 2 days. As we entered the Straits of Juan de Fuca the fog lifted and we could finally see maybe 2 miles ahead. I was thinking "thank god we now had visibility" to find our way to Port Angeles Marina that we have never been to but as we approached the marina, mist and light rain totally reduced our visibility to maybe one boat length ahead. It was very scary for me. Byron is more comfortable using the radar and he felt ok so we crept into the harbor and managed to find our way to the mooring dock.


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