May-July 2014

Voyager as the small boat on the right in San Diego

We spent about 2 wks in the marina at San Jose Del Cabo while we waited for our good friend Bret Bihler who was going to crew for us on the hop from San Jose del Cabo to Ensenada. The town is very tourist oriented and "downtown" was full of jewelry and art shops. There were many good restaurants and good local bus transportation too. It was a beautiful place to spend a relaxing 2 wks. Our trip to Ensenada was uneventful. I caught a dorado about 1 hr into the trip and having a third person meant that everyone got enough sleep.

Ensenada was a different story. Good restaurants but now much pricier. The water on the docks at Cruise Port Village marina was horrible- salty and an off taste- such that I ended up buying water to drink. We didn't get sick but we were worried that we had contaminated our water tanks. I have to say I much prefered mainland Mexico to the West Coast of Baja.

It was a 10 hr trip from Ensenada to San Diego where we bypassed the customs dock and went straight to our slip in Fifth Avenue Landing marina which is a botique marina in front of the downtown convention center. Customs officials came directly to the dock (megaboat dock) and checked us in quickly. We had been concerned about the amount of alcohol and certain food stuffs on board that we might have to discard but they didn't even check. A day and a half later we hauled in Marine Group Boat Works in Chula Vista which had been recommended. They were expensive but did good work. We had multiple repairs that we had put off til we got into the US, as well as new paint on the bottom. After getting back into the water we spent an additional 7 days in a slip next to the yard to finish some projects. While on the hard, we were next to "Polar Bear" a large yacht having welding repairs done to the steel hull. Unfortunately about a week after we returned to Fifth Avenue Landing, "Polar Bear" caught fire in the yard and was totally destroyed. Byron thinks a spark from the welding ignited the insulation inside the hull which was flammable.

Now we are waiting for an engine mechanic who finally fit us into his schedule. I bought new salon rugs to replace the original area rugs that were falling apart and I have a new vent hood for the stove coming. It has been almost a month of scheduling and waiting. I will be glad to move on hopefully by mid July. Being in San Diego has been a good place to wait though as everything is available here. There are fireworks almost every night right next to our slip and many sports bars so we can watch the World Cup games!


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