Spring 2014 Mexico

Hello good friends. So sorry that my entries in the blog have been few and far between lately. I have been sick the last 3 years, unable to get a definitive diagnosis in Mexico, and have not felt like writing. In July 2013, leaving the boat in Paradise Village Marina, we went home to visit UCLA Med Center and after 3 wks I at least know I do not have anything serious-just Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The antibiotics and probiotics I was given have helped though daily meditation has helped the most. Now I am able to almost eat regular food again.

the local wildlife around the marina

September and October Voyager was on the hard in La Cruz having the whole outside painted. We rented a condo on the golf course in Paradise Village during that time and Byron took the bus to the boat daily to redo the varnish on the salon floor.

courtyard between units

huge pool

The condo had great wifi and the bus stops were closeby. The airconditioner was broken when we checked in but the owner authorized its replacement and the new unit was installed relatively quickly.The first of November we moved back onboard and took the boat south to the marina in Barra de Navidad which is about 20 mi north of Manzanillo as the paint crew had another job in Barra and still needed to do some final touchups.

Barra is a really cruiser friendly place with everything you need close by. Lots of cheap good restaurants, friendly locals, multiple gift shops and adequate markets.

large egret on gangway in Barra de Navidad

Grand Bay Hotel and Barra marina

When the painters were done, we headed back to Tenacatita our favorite anchorage from last year. The water was warm but most of the cruisers we had met last year had not arrived yet so Thanksgiving was a non-event. As Christmas was approaching were debating whether to return to Barra where there was a big cruiser Christmas party and pot luck planned when Voyager stepped in and made the decision ie our inverter broke (without it we cannot run the refrigerator and all electrical outlets are dead)! So it was back to the Barra marina and shore power for what turned out to be a month. We shipped the inverter back to the US for repair but it was dropped during shipping and arrived perfectly split in half. Holiday delays and finding an alternate way to ship the new inverter to us resulted in added days in the marina. We finally returned to Barra and friends around the first of February. It was great to see our friends from last year and meet so many Canadian cruisers that in the off season live in BC or on Vancouver Island. We had a few wonderful weeks, swimming, playing Mexican Train dominos and Bocce ball on the beach. I even sold some of by jewelry to cruising friends.

Bead crochet bracelet- my original bracelet on R and the one I sold on the L

The cruising season in Mexico is cyclic mostly driven by the weather. In January and February the water is clear and warm. Around the first 10 days in March the water starts to cool down and become less clear. It seems that 2/3rds of the cruisers are partimers and alot of boats left Tenacatita the first 2 wks of March. Later in March, cooler water temps and red tide drove most boats away. We left about the 2nd week in April and came to Santiago Bay which is just north of Manzanillo proper. For 2 wks the red tide was really bad. No dead fish but the sand on the beach was very stinky!

We hooked up with Jeff and Debbie on SV SailorsRun and met other nice cruisers too. There are many palapas on the beach selling food and drink and the town has a Saturday market that sells very fresh produce as well as other artisan wares and clothes close by by local bus. The Santiago market is much bigger than similar traveling markets in La Manzanilla, Melaque,or Barra.

view of Santiago Bay with Voyager in middle of the bay

sunset in Santiago Bay

On May 8 we begin the next phase of our cruising journey. We head from Santiago to San Jose del Cabo as the first leg up the Pacific coast to the Pacific Northwest.


Live every day to the fullest