Spring in the Sea of Cortez

We spent the months of April and May visiting new anchorages and revisiting some of our favorites. Unfortunately 2013 turned out to be a colder year according to other long time Sea of Cortez cruisers. The day temps were in the 70's, the water temps were the same, and 80%of the time the wind blew more than 20knots. We spent one uncomfortable night in San Evaristo in a strong westerly that had sustained winds in the 30-40's and a few gusts in the 60's. The only good thing was that everyone's anchor held. If the wind was not enough, we frequently made the decision to stay or leave and anchorage depending on our degree of aggravation with the bees and Bobo's(small gnat-like flies that are just bothersome). Santa Rosalia was the farthest north we went. It looked like a nice town to visit but we only went into town for 1 hour to get fresh fruit and veggies as we could not get a good set to our anchor in the harbor and were reluctant to leave the boat for longer. When we picked up the anchor, it had fouled on plastic and couldn't dig in well. We never found the good clear water for snorkeling that was reported and while I was warm in my new thicker wetsuit, Byron was not! All and all, the scenery was magnificent but we probably will not return in the future.

We returned to La Paz the end of May to have the bottom scraped and painted and then made the 2 day passage back to Puerto Vallarta and Paradise Village Marina for the hurricane season.

Los Gatos anchorage

Barred porcupinefish

Cortez Rainbow wrasse

Isla Coronado

San Juanico

San Juanico

Cortez Angelfish



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