La Paz to Tenacatita

We now believe what we had heard from other cruisers-IT IS COLD IN BAJA DURING THE WINTER! The weather was beautiful until about the second week of December when air and water temps dropped and the during the Northers it was even colder. Out came the long pants, long-sleeved shirts and the quilt for the bed. I was suprised by the dryness after all the humidity on mainland Mexico. When we returned from our visit home the second week of January, we finished the installation of the new watermaker which is working beautifully had about 3 months before the Sea of Cortez weather was warm.We asked ourselves, do we stay in La Paz, which is a nice town and has a great cruising community or head back to the mainland? No debate- we opted for warm weather and headed directly to Tenacatita which is south of Puerto Vallarta on the mainland. We were back to swimming without wetsuits enjoying afternoon Bocce Ball or Mexican Train Dominos on the beach in the company of other cruisers. The anchorage is protected with only a slight swell and the nearby town of La Manzanilla has great produce and a delightful Friday central market. On Friday afternoons was the "mayor's" raftup. Tenacatita has an honorary cruising mayor and the raftup was a food fest where everyone brought an hoerderve to share and we swapped cruising stories. A lot of fun! After 6 wks. we were still in Tenacatita waiting for Baja to warm up. One day we were treated to a dolphin show! There were a pair of resident dolphins that had been constantly around slowly cruising through the anchorage at all hours of the day. Yesterday one thought he was in a Sea World show as he (or she) was making spectcular leaps and flips out of the water for about 10 minutes. Whales were commonly seen and heard in the larger bay outside the anchorage.

Now we have joined the annual migration north that happens every March-April as cruisers get ready to move into the Sea of Cortez or put their boats away for next year. Today we are in the downtown marina of Puerto Vallarta. We are supporting Costco in our reprovisioning trip and waiting for a mechanic to check an engine problem. Hopefully we don't have to wait for parts.

Tenacatita beach and pics of estuary tour where we saw pelicans in trees. That was a first!



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