Sea of Cortez- winter 2012

The hurricane season ended Nov. 1st so we are back in cruising mode.Most of the summer the main engine and generator were non functional as we were waiting for new parts to complete routine maintenance. Our large dinghy was being repaired for 2 months but they did an excellent job. Byron was working on his "to do" list while I got interested in beading and jewelry making. The heat and humidity were oppressive so we were inside in the airconditioning the majority of time.After leaving Puerto Vallarta We spent a few days in the anchorage outside of La Cruz to refresh our skills that we have not used for 6 months and to check out the watermaker and other systems. Then we made the 2 day passage up to La Paz where we were back in another marina, Marina Palmira, to get together with a qualified Sea Recovery(our brand of watermaker) technician as we have been going through filters at too rapid a rate. Turns out the cheapest alternative to replacing the high pressure pump, motor and membrane was to buy a new watermaker. As we are going back to the states in January, we ordered the watermaker and are now in the Sea of Cortez for the next 6 wks.

Free loader from the anchorage at La Cruz

Our first stop was in the Island of Partida, Ensenada Grande. It has three coves and we anchored in the northern most cove as a Norther was expected for the next 3 days. It is a popular place, Kayakers who camp on the beach, larger power yachts with wakeboarders and jet skis and a few cruising boats thrown in. We had the northern cove to ourselves as it was the smallest though we still got buzzed by the jet skiers. We snorkeled one day after the norther finished and the water was clear though the fish were not plenifull. There were many clams or oysters but as this is in a marine park, we left them alone.

Now we are in Isla San Francisco which is another beautiful protected bay, white sand beach and clear aqua water. The view of the Sierra de la Gigante mountains on the mainland of Baja is spectacular especially at sunset. There are some biting insects as they have found me again. Don't know where as I have not seen anything. The water temperature is 82 degrees, air temp is 74 so it is wetsuit time again as I get cold snorkeling when not actively swimming. I know, I'm a wimp but after 88-92 degree water, 82 is cold!!

Panamic crown-of-thorns sea star

beach at Isla San Francisco

looking from our anchorage in Isla San Francisco across channel to mountains on the mainland of Baja

Our next stop is Bahia San Marte which is supposed to have good snorkeling on the nearby reefs. The hills are beautiful and green. We are one of 3 boats here and there are no jet skis or wake boarders. Yeah!!

Panamic Cushion Stars

Agua Verde on the mainland side was next and the hills were even more green than Bahia San Marte due to all the rain this year. We snorkeled one day but between the jellyfish and cloudy visibility, we were only in the water once. But the cove was beautiful and we got great pics of Voyager the one day we were the sole boat in the cove. We met fellow cruisers on Pegasus and Cat 'n About, hope to see more of them in the future as they both were heading south while we were going north. The last day there the dinghy lift line broke thankfully when the dinghy was only 2 feet above the water as opposed to half way over the rail or over Voyager's upper deck so it was not damaged. With some ingenuity we got it back on board but do not wish to chance our juryrigged hoist line so we are back to the small inflatable until we get new line.

Now we are in Puerto Escondido anchored in a large enclosed bay where we finally have internet to pay taxes and bills and catch up on other necessary things. The surrounding mountains are spectacular in the clear air.



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