Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We are now situated in Paradise Village Marina since the end of May. It is a beautiful area, nice amenities, and friendly people. As the closest beach has a shore break and the water has been choppy, I am back to power walking in the AM for exercise and its a good way to discover what is around. Our modes of transportation are the local city buses (cheap), and taxis when we can't figure out which bus to get us where we want to go. That has taken awhile as I can't find a website or person that explains all the routes. Thankfully the most frequent destinations are noted on the front of the bus.

Puerto Vallarta is no longer a small village! From our marina in Nuevo Vallarta to downtown is a 30-45 min. bus ride. We took one tour which gave us a survey of the entire area as well as 2 communities in the south of Banderas Bay.

Sculpture on the Malacon of El Centro

large sand sculpture

unbelievable house(condo, resort?) in the hillside community of Conchas Chinas

Los Arcos

bay and resort at Mismaloya

Puerto Vallarta's version of cliff diving. We visited this stream with huge bolders and the diver started from the blackish rock to the far left of the upper image with a running jump to clear the lower portion into the pool below. He did this 4 times and the last time blindfolded!

There is a large marine hardware store here but most of the parts we need have to be ordered from the US and shipped in. The holes in our large dinghy have been repaired beautifully- can't even see any evidence of the patching and we are waiting on parts ordered a month ago. I am catching up on medical checkups and Byron is in the process of having all his wisdom teeth removed. Thank goodness that he heals fast and the last 2 teeth will be extracted this week. I have been spending down time beading and learning how to make jewelry.

Because 3 rivers empty into the bay carrying muddy runoff after every rain (almost a daily occurrence), we have not gone out snorkeling as the water is not very clear. Hopefully in the fall we can try.

The cruising community is very small in our marina. We have met a few people at the Puerto Vallarta Yacht Club but most of the cruisers seem to be in La Cruz in the northern part of Banderas Bay. That is still on our list of things to see!


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