The Hobbies(Cayos Cojones), Providencia, the Albequerque Cays to Panama

The Hobbies are a group of islands off the north coast of Honduras/Nicaragra totally isolated from civilization. There are island caretakers on a few islands and is the prime Honduran shrimping grounds during the season. We saw some local fishing boats only as shrimp season ended April 30th for 2 months. The water is clear with many patch reefs. It was recommended by other cruisers as having great fishing (as was the Alberqueque Cays) but the larger fish (dinner sized ) were few and far between. I tried my hand at spear fishing with an Hawaiian sling and almost caught a decent Hogfish but my spear bounced off the body and then the fish was GONE! We met Will o" the Wisp there who invited us for a fish dinner which was delicious. They supplied fresh Dog Snapper, Hogfish, and Grouper that they caught with mechanical spearguns.

the islands are stacked with lobster traps

outer reef on our bow

We spent 2 weeks there, the last few days of which were on and off clouds and hazy such that we could not read the water-no good with all the reefs and shallow spots. Then the wind went calm and we had a great window to head south. Our next stop was the island of Providencia off Nicaragua but actually owned by Columbia. It was very warm (because we had no wind) and not much of a town but the people were very friendly and helpful. We only stayed long enough to stock up on fresh veggies and snorkeled only 1 day. Mr Bush, the agent we used to clear into the country, loaned his USB modum stick to us to check our emails which we really appreciated.

the harbor at dusk

Large Star Coral

The Albequerque Cays were our last stop before heading to Panama. As I mentioned before, there were not many fish,but in addition, the water clarity was poor. The island was beautiful with palm trees and a white sand beach. The local fisherman who lived on the island would go out every day for miles around which indicated to me that the place had truely been fished out. We only stayed one night. We still had calm conditions for traveling when we left for Panama.


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