West End, Roatan

We have been here for 1 month on the large boat mooring which consists of a nylon loop connected to chain, connected to a large 3' square block of concrete connected by a second chain to a screw in the bottom. When the wind gets above 15k, we float the concrete block. This does not make me feel comfortable but it is the only option if you want to stay in this beautiful bay surrounded by coral reef. There are around 22 other moorings also available on a first come, first serve basis at a rate of $40/mon. The attraction is diving and snorkeling which is unbelievable. There is a small resort town that is laid back where you can get fresh fruit and veggies and small markets for basic supplies. We have now seen almost all species of parrotfish in our fish book, large grouper, snapper, and many other colorful reef species. Byron is the photographer as he can hold his breath underwater much longer than me. I am free diving with weights now but am still having breathing issues. Sorry if we are boring you with all the underwater pics, but this blog is a diary of our adventures for ourselves also. Hope you will appreciate that the pics are getting better though when we see a new fish or creature, sometimes they don't pose themselves against an interesting backround.

The anchorage and town of West End

Indigo Hamlet

Scrawled Filefish

large Moray Eel- not aggressive like the California ones!

Neon Goby

Hawksbill Turtle

yours truely going deep!

Queen Angelfish

Bicolor Damselfish

the local sea urchins

Fairy Basslet- 1.5" long

Blue Parrotfish

face on view of Blue Parrotfish


Yellowtail Damselfish

Lionfish- a non indigenous species that has no natural predators and is proliferating and killing all the small reef species that clean the reef. Usually found in deep water and all divers can kill everyone they find but unless the larger fish learn to eat them, the health of the coral reef is doomed.


Val and Stan, m/v Pax Nautica 4/5/2011
Wow, beautiful photos! We loved diving Roatan... hope to get there someday aboard our own boat. If we ever drag ourselves off the Pacific side, that is!
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